• Introduction to Responsible Management (free course: 6 sessions): Business ethics and responsibility, social entrepreneurship, designing and managing responsible organizations, managing and motivating people
  • Business Law and Responsibility (14 sessions): Foundations of American law and ethics, business relationships and legal remedies, government regulation and fairness
  • Management Ethics (11 sessions): Why ethics matter; ethics from antiquity to the present; defining and prioritizing stakeholders; three special stakeholders: society, the environment, and the government; the impact of cultures, geography, and time; what managers owe their employees; what employees owe their employers; current topics for the contemporary corporation; business under the microscope
  • Responsible Management (18 sessions): Foundations of management, the environment of management, planning: delivering strategic value, organizing: building a dynamic organization, leading: mobilizing people, controlling: learning and changing
  • Responsible Organizational Behavior (19 sessions): The managerial challenge, individual behavior at work, groups and organizational design, organizational processes
  • Social Entrepreneurship (15 sessions): Understanding and exploring, creating and innovating, organizing and succeeding, designing & launching