John Goldberg is a very skilled trainer with a passion for people and community. In all of his work John demonstrates 100% commitment to the work and the people, creativity in the design and execution of his training, and the sensitivity and ability to work with people in numerous cultures and at numerous levels of the organization. It was a pleasure to work with John and I would be honored to have this opportunity again.
Barry Morris Ph.D.
AVP Education and Organization Development
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

John successfully leads diverse groups with ease. He understands group dynamics and has the ability to recognize and adapt to the changing needs of the group. His enthusiasm is infectious!
Tosha Cherry
Director, Employee & Labor Relations at Dignity Health

I would like to thank you again for the business class last semester. That was by far my favorite class of the year and probably in my entire school experience. I have learned so many valuable insights, information, and knowledge from both you and the class. I am currently taking macroeconomics and accounting online through colleges (due to the pandemic), and eventually would like to take some UC Davis classes in the fields of business and economics. I’m also working on a startup with my father’s business partner, a new idea I have been formulating since the entrepreneurship units in your class. Your stories from your time at Chiquita and all of your other experiences have been hugely insightful to me and to my friends as well (indirectly). I truly cannot express how much I learned and how fortunate I was to take this class and study under you.
Sacramento City College student

I just wanted to let you know that you did a great job teaching our class this year and that it was very helpful! The ability to work amongst our peers in a group environment was very beneficial for our growth as future leaders, and I appreciate the business lessons that you have instilled in us. I know these lessons will play a huge part in my future aspirations as a businessman but most importantly, a future leader. It was very fun participating every day in your class. 

University of California, Davis student